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Soft ~ Clean ~ Cozy

Like little balls of clouds fallen from the sky

Freshly laundered clothes hanging out to dry

Covering a field in a blanket snowy white

Wrapping up in sheets as you curl up for the night

Soft and fluffy fabric, your favorite you've been in

Nothing quite compares to the smell of fresh linen.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Savory ~ Full-bodied ~ Bold

Light on the palette, sweet on the lips

Full-bodied and savory

It's perfect to sip

Aged to perfection, ripe off the vine

It's time to relax with a glass of red wine.


Warmth ~ Comfort ~ Love

The smell of fresh-baked cupcakes, you can't help but taste the icing

Wafting through your kitchen, each moment more enticing

Two friends sharing ice cream floats, sipping through bendy-straws

The handfuls grabbed of cookie dough, even though it's raw

The essence warms the heart, and brings comfort to the soul

Vanilla is a classic, in the air or in a bowl.


Unwind ~ Relax ~ Destress

Touched purple hues, violet delight

A welcome harbinger of night

Helps to unwind, relax, destress

And ease the mind when you're feeling depressed

So sit back, relax, and breathe in deep

And soon you'll find you're fast asleep

Cucumber Melon

Refreshing ~ Revival ~ Renewal

Whether used for snacking or placing on your eyes

The coolness of the cucumber is a nice surprise

Pair it up with melon, a refreshing combination

You not only feel relaxed, but also rejuvenation

Ripe off of the vine, and into your jar

If you crave a spa day, you don't have to go far. 


Smoldering ~ Smokey ~ Scintillating

Summers spend out by the lake

Each camping trip with Dad you'd take

Swapping stories late at night

Gazing up at stars so bright

A steadfast flicker in the dark

Rekindling the warmth and spark

The smell of burning, crackling wood

Is bound to do the soul some good.


Warm ~ Sweet ~ Addicting

With sugar and cinnamon

Deliciously sweet

This cookie makes for a classic warm treat

Enticing your senses the moment they're done

I bet once you taste them, you can't have just one.


Adventure ~ Wander ~ Discover

A walk in the woods, a rustling breeze

The sun beaming golden light down through the trees

The fragrance of forests, of Redwood, of Pine

Potential and nature are both intertwined

Though the paths may be endless,

Some winding, some straight

Just take the first step, adventure awaits.


Crisp ~ Sweet ~ Juicy

Walking through an orchard, picking 'til you have your fill

A homemade apple pie sitting in the windowsill

The crispness of sweet cider, when you sip from your mug

The first day back at school, giving Mom a goodbye hug

Be it Golden, Granny-smith, or Red Delicious bright

There is nothing better than the taste of that first bite

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